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AeroGarden Founded in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, AeroGrow International, Inc. is dedicated to the research, development and marketing of theAeroGarden®, the world’s first kitchen garden appliance. The AeroGarden features NASA-proven, dirt-free aeroponic technology, allowing anyone to grow farmer’s market fresh herbs, salad greens, tomatoes, chili peppers, and more, indoors, year-round, so simply and easily that no green thumb is required.

Imagine fresh herbs right at your fingertips all year round for making all your meals come to life. The Aerogarden™ grows delicious fresh herbs, tomatoes, salad greens and more, right on your kitchen counter, with no dirt, and no green thumb needed. Just drop in one of the pre-selected grow pods (included), add water and the included pure, organic-based nutrients and you're ready to grow. The Aerogarden™ tells you when to add water and nutrients and turns the lights on and off automatically to maximize growth - more than twice as fast as plants grown in soil. Free Gourmet Herbs seed kit included AEROGARDEN special $10 off coupon sale


AeroGarden® Classic: Grow a fresh chef’s garden indoors - the AeroGarden does all the work. No tools. No dirt. Just results: Delicious fresh
salad greens, gourmet herbs, cherry tomatoes and even chili peppers, and close-by as you cook. The AeroGarden uses aeroponics to provide perfect amount of water, light (with automatic on/off grow lights) and for rapid growth of flavorful produce ... guaranteed. Plant the pre-seeded pods, add water, plug in, and enjoy! Complete with gourmet Herb Seed kit, Grow lamps.

The Aerogarden™ Pro 100 introduces new and improved technology called Adaptive Growth! The basic model regulates nutrients and light to optimize growth for each specific plant type. AeroGrow's stainless steel Pro 100 uses computerized Adaptive Growth technology to continuously monitor plant growth and instantly adjust the nutrients, light cycle and water flow to give plants exactly what's needed at each stage of growth - for earlier harvests and up to 50% more food. From germination, to initial growth to advanced growth, we are delivering just what the plant needs, just at the right time. In addition, since grow lights lose power over time before they actually burn out, it is important to replace your bulbs every 6 months. The Pro 100 includes a Grow Light Replacement System, to automatically remind consumers when it is time to replace the lights for continued optimal plant health and growth. The Pro 100 Super Grow 24 hour light cycle lets the experienced gardner override the built-in timer, which is maximized at 17 hours of light, to provide more light. This expands the possibilities for gardeners  
                                                          who may want to plant their own seeds in conjunction with the Master Gardner Kit.

        AeroGaren Deluxe/Extra                         AeroGaren Pro 200/Eextra Elite
Aerogrow's newest AeroGarden™ Deluxe technology delivers faster and larger harvests with twice the light intensity and twice the extension on the lamp arm for growing full-sized tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers and more. It is the perfect companion to a Master Gardener Deluxe Kit which lets consumers grow their own seeds, but will also work with all the AeroGarden™ Seed Kits. New electronics provide a 24-hour light option and grow bulb replacement indicator. Available in black  and includes a seed Kit  and trellis for planting and growing a garden of your choice.

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