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EarthBox SPECIAL  Popular Garden Gifts 
Choose a (set of 4) w/(Natural Fertilizer) Only $45.99ea. 

EarthBox SPECIAL!! ................ $45.99ea in Sets of 4

EarthBox SPECIAL!! ................ $45.99ea in Sets of 4

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How the EarthBox® works...better

Why it is much more than just a container garden

Gradient System

Acting on the laws of nature, the EarthBox facilitates the movement of nutrients from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration. When the EarthBox is set up, the fertilizer stripe is placed on top of the potting mix-creating an area of high nutrient concentration. At this time, the potting mix around the roots of the growing plant has no fertilizer. When water is added, the moist potting mix slowly conducts the diluted nutrients down the concentration gradient to the plant roots,which absorb optimal amounts of nutrients at any given time.

Water and Fertilizer Conservation

The EarthBox's plastic cover drastically reduces the water evaporation rate and returns condensed water vapor to the potting mix. As the plants draw water from the reservoir, they consume only what they need to stay healthy. Plants cannot be over-watered or under-watered if the reservoir is kept full. The plastic cover also prevents fertilizer from being diluted or washed away by rain.

In addition...

  • Years of research have yielded the optimal number and arrangement of each type of vegetable, fruit, herb or flower for healthy growing.
  • Casters enable home gardeners to (1) move the EarthBox outside during the day and inside at night - extending the growing season by planting earlier and harvesting later and (2) move the EarthBox® around the patio or deck to increase or decrease the amount of time spent in the sun.
  • Plastic inhibits the growth of disease-causing mold, as well as the invasion of plant-eating pests.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers grow bigger, tastier and faster in the EarthBox. Our patented, award-winning gradient-gardening system more than doubles the yield of a conventional garden-with half of the fertilizer and 20% of the water!

  • No digging, no weeding, no guesswork
  • Easy to set up in just minutes
  • Grow anywhere, indoors or outdoors
  • Includes everything, just add seedlings and water
  • Complete information and foolproof instructions on and in the package
  • Accessories available to grow anything
  • Available in three attractive colors
  • Portable, reusable, UV protected, recyclable
  • Includes: 4-pc. Growing System, Potting Mix, Fertilizer, Dolomite, Instructional CD/DVD

  • Seedlings for each box (i.e. two tomatoes, eight peppers)
  • Accessories-Staking Systems, Self-watering Kits and Replant Kits
Earthbox set up video

Earthbox set up video

Earthbox video

Earthbox video

EarthBox Benefits for Organic Farming

EarthBox Benefits for Organic Farming

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