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Neptune's Harvest Testimonials

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Neptune's Harvest Fertilizers have been my only lawn care products since 1994. They have made my grass and soil so healthy that disease and pests are no problem. The products by Neptune's Harvest have made my lawn so thick and green that weeds can't find any room to grow...
James S.
Granular Leonardite-humic acids

Granular Leonardite-humic acids

Granular Leonardite-humic acids
Available in 55 GAL.DRUMSLC-12 Humate Concentrate 2.5 galGranular Leonardite that contains 85% humic acids.Liquid Humate Concentrate LC-12 (1 gal).
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Specifications of L-85

Granular Leonardite

L-85 is granular raw Leonardite that contains a minimum of 85% humic acids in their natural insoluble
state. L-85 is used for direct soil application to help improve the organic matter content of soils and to
introduce valuable carbon to the soil. L-85 should be used in conjunction with TeraVita’s soluble humic
acid products to obtain immediate results.

Application Rate: Apply 10 to 20 pounds per 1,000 square feet once or twice per year. For regular maintenance, L-85
may be applied directly to the soil, turf, or over top of ground covers. For new beds, L-85 may be tilled into the
upper 6 inches prior to planting or broadcast onto the soil prior to mulching.

Other Application Rates: Please refer to the TeraVita L-85 Usage Guide that is most relevant to what you are
growing. TeraVita created these guides to empower each user with the knowledge needed to properly
utilize our new humate products for the improvement of plants and soils. Although it may require
repeated readings, taking the time to study the usage guide you need will provide you with the ability to
increase your crop’s health and performance and to reduce your overall input costs

Liquid Humate: Also available in 55 Gal. drums and 15 - 55 Lb. soluble powder concentrate. (Call for bulk price quote)

Plants show an especially strong reaction to humate in the beginning of their development. Therefore, optimal results will be achieved by introducing humate to the plant in its seed or seedling stage and continuing its usage throughout the year. The recommended amount of humate (see the appropriate guide) should be applied each season. Please keep in mind that every situation is different. Plants growing in excessively sandy, infertile, or “contaminated” soil will require the higher rates. It is also important to note that the best results will be achieved by applying humate in several smaller-dose applications, not one large application. To achieve all of the benefits of using humate it should be applied in three ways: seed treatment, foliar treatment, and soil treatment.
organic fertizers  18-32 OZ.

organic fertizers 18-32 OZ.

Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed Qt.Neptune's Harvest Fish/Seaweed Qt.
* KELP MEAL 1-0-2* KELP MEAL  1-0-2  Organic Fertilizer The Kelp Meal applied a couple of times a year, really gives the grass and soil a boost and keeps it green even through drought periods. 5 days after application my lawn had that brilliant green color and renewed vigor. After a 6 week drought and water ban, my lawn was still green. The Fish/Seaweed in liquid form, really gives the grass a boost in times of stress, or when feeding. It is possible to have lush turf
*CRAB SHELL 2-3-0 Ca23*CRAB SHELL  2-3-0 Ca23* SEE OUR CRAB SHELL 4lB. Neptune's Harvest Organic Crab Shell meal is an excellent dry organic source of NPK, Calcium (23%) and Magnesium (1.33%). It will also help with nematode and fungus problems. Here's why: Crab Shell is high in Chitin (Kite-en), which promotes the growth of Chitin eating bacteria in the soil.
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