Neptune's Harvest Testimonials
The American Farm Report

The American Farm Report

Neptune's Harvest, I would like to inform you that your products have done an excellent job. It has amazed us how well the 2-4-1 Fish Fertilizer worked out.
David J. Heywood
The American Farm Report
Neptune's Harvest Testimonials

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Customer Testimonials

These folks have excellent business practices and I recommend them fully.

First of all, I live in Canada, which means I have to export from Organic Garden
I called them during business hours and the phone was answered on the second ring.  
I was given a quote immediately on the shipping. 
Satisfied with the costs, I thought for 30 minutes and then placed the order.
Within 20 minutes of the order being placed I received confirmation and UPS tracking.
Even though I paid regular service my package was picked up same day and began travelling to my location.
Packaging was in a heavy duty corrugated cardboard box with newspaper stuffing.
I bought the 10lbs of crab shell which was a Fantastic Deal.
Otherthan the the waterproof bag the crabmeal came in, everything else was recyclable (except for the plastic coated shipping label).
Product was exactly as advertised. Keep up the great work over there.
kind regards,

Dan, Thank yous guys for the high quality humic and the most excellent customer service. Steve B. UKIAH, CA

Thanks Dan. I received in good condition. Thanks for all your help. Your customer service is excellent. Thanks again, Kevin T. Greenfield, WS

 Dear Neptune's Harvest,

I would like to inform you that your products have done an excellent job. It has amazed us how well the 2-4-1 Fish Fertilizer worked out...

We here at The American Farm Report would RECOMMEND the use of Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer for anyone that would like to grow fresh food, and flowers using organic fertilizers, instead of commercial fertilizers. We believe that by following the directions on the container, you will have the top garden in the neighborhood. 

Also, you can know that your vegetables were raised with NO harmful products, and you may have a longer production time. If you have a greenhouse, you can enjoy all the fruits of your labor all year long!!  Here at The American Farm Report, we test fertilizers and soil samples, and when a product stands out like Neptune’s Harvest Organic Fish Fertilizer, we put our name on the line when we say that it is one of the best products to come our way!!

David J. Heywood
The American Farm Report

"Neptune's Harvest has been my only fertilizer for the past 3 years.  It can be used on anything that grows.  My garden always shows increased vegetable production, on huge plants.  Neptune's Harvest sprayed on my Kentucky bluegrass lawn, every month during the growing season, made it more drought tolerant, more disease resistant, thicker and always dark green in color even in the summer.  Tulips sprayed before the flower sets showed bigger blooms and more longevity.  My roses also respond very well to Neptune's Harvest.  Every year the canes on the roses thicken and pests such as aphids, seem to do less and less damage.  Thank you Neptune's Harvest for your wonderful products."

James Skinner
Winner of a Rockaway Township
Landscape Beautification Award
Rockaway, NJ

"We have been using Neptune's Harvest for the last couple of years.  The results are fantastic!  More growth and an abundance of beautiful roses.  We use Neptune's Harvest on all of our gardens, vegetable garden included, with the same wonderful results."

Mr. & Mrs. William Bradley
Magnolia, MA

The Neptune's Harvest Lawn

Neptune's Harvest Fertilizers have been my only lawn care products since 1994. They have made my grass and soil so healthy that disease and pests are not a problem. The products by Neptune's Harvest have made my lawn so thick and green that weeds cannot find any room to grow. The soil is so healthy, disease can never get a foothold. The products I use are the Liquid Fish, Seaweed and Dry Kelp Meal.

The Kelp Meal applied a couple of times a year, really gives the grass and soil a boost and keeps it green even through drought periods. 5 days after application my lawn had that brilliant green color and renewed vigor. After a 6 week drought and water ban, my lawn was still green. The Fish and Seaweed in liquid form, really gives the grass a boost in times of stress, or when it needs a feeding. It is possible to have lush turf without chemicals of any kind.

Thanks Neptune's Harvest for your outstanding products.

James Skinner
Rockaway, NJ
2 time winner of the
Rockaway Township Beautification Award

"I have been growing 'Giant Pumpkins' around 15 years. I first applied Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer to my pumpkin patch in 2001.  Up until that time I had not grown a pumpkin larger than 500-600 lbs.  In 2001, my best pumpkin weighed 890.2 lbs. and placed 5th in New England that year.  In 2002, my patch yielded 2 pumpkins over 1,000 lbs., the new World Record 1,337.6 lbs. and another at 1,058 lbs. I believe the additional nutrients (in Neptune's Harvest) provided my plants with more 'pumpkin power' which resulted in my record breaking year.  I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it for use in gardens of all types."

Charles Houghton, Sr.
New Boston, NH

"Can you beat that for 1 bulb!?  One stem with 20 blossoms, another with 18 buds!   Neptune's Harvest, won't use anything else."

Bob Davis
Winthrop, MA

"I have replaced chemical fertilizer with Neptune’s Harvest Fish Hydrolysate and Seaweed. By using these products and rotating peanuts with corn and wheat every three years, my yields have increased.

My CEC, which is how good the soil is to the plant, is increasing every year. It is now 14. I am now selling some loads of peanuts with 76% meat and 61% extra large kernels. They usually run between 60 to 70% meat and 30 to 50% extra large kernels.

These peanuts, grown using the fish and seaweed, are the best tasting peanuts I have ever eaten. If you want good tasting vegetables, use these Neptune products."

Tom J. Harris
Littleton, NC


"Since mid-spring of 1994, I have been using Neptune's Harvest liquid fish to boost blossoms, vegetable production and for the over-all health of my landscape specimens.  Quite literally, there is nothing that won't benefit from this water-soluble, organic fertilizer.  Hanging baskets, newly-started seedlings and indoor plants have also become stronger, healthier and more vigorous.   I find that portions of my gardens, fed with Neptune's Harvest on a regular basis, were more resistant to the usual summer onslaught of insects and diseases.

Amazing results also came with using Neptune's Harvest liquid fish as a compost enhancer.  I would state, with confidence, that Neptune's Harvest will cut in half the normal time required to harvest rich, usable compost.  Happy Gardening!"

Deb Lambert
Horticultural Consultant
Lynn, MA

"I wanted to say WAY TO GO, Sandy and Ann, and all of you at Neptune's Harvest.
You all put out such a great product. We have been using the fish emulsion on everything, from our apple trees to our 100 acres of alfalfa and can't believe the difference in our production. We were getting 4 1/2 tons per acre a year and now we are up to 9.

...We also till it in my garden and you should see the beautiful vegetables I had last year here in this zone 3 climate. When I dug my root crops after using the kelp and the fish oil on them, I had probably 20-30 earth worms in a hand full of dirt. This dirt was very sandy and didn't grow much three years ago before I really started adding your product to it and now it is wonderful loamy soil full of microbial life. Thank You again for your wonderful customer service and thank you enough to take the time and the effort to get certified organic, We know what a headache it can be, your organic farms really appreciate the time and care that goes into your product. keep Up The Good Work and Good Luck In 2003."

Your Friend and Loyal Customer,
Shelly Neff of Heart Mtn. Valley Ranch
Cody, WY

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